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01-23-2013, 05:47 AM
THE WORST: Two new consoles that can be equipped on the Jem Hadar Attack Ship. Suddenly, I envision that PvP teams are going to roll 3-4 jem hadar ships deep as a requirement to keep rolling Attack Pattern Gamma's up. On top of that, it further unbalances the Jem Hadar escorts from the Federation and Klingon escorts. Where the Jem Hadar ship was superior in every statistical catagory, a case could be made that it didn't have a special console that the others did. Now it will have two.

This will result in one of two bad things:

1) At top level PvP play where skill is high across the board, the Jem'Hadar ships will become an unspoken requirement if a team plans to be successful.

2) The Jem'Hadar Attack Ship (long on the fine line between overpowered and broken, but leaning to just the overpowered side) will finally cross the line where we accept it is simply too powerful, and provides an unfair advantage in tournament play. The result will be that it is banned from most tournaments.

The long raging debate has been how powerful the BUG is. People who have it claim that it's fine, people who don't recognize how amazing it is. With the consoles, people flying it are now going to have to accept the criticism they receive for flying what will be the ultimate Pay-to-Win ship.

To wrap up why this is the worst move they could have made: They can't fix this without outraging the game. We can see how clearly unbalanced this will be, but to fix this after the fact would enrage an huge population of players who spent a great deal of real money to obtain these Jem'Hadar super ships. The next chance to balance them won't come until the next tier of ships. For the time being, it will further the divide between the "haves" and "have nots", and will cause more players to avoid PvP rather than enrich it.

LEAST WORST: New carriers. I don't see these as so much of a problem as others do, apparently. This could be completely negated by an overpowered Jem Hadar Attack Wing fighter pet that is given something stupid like SNB (we're all expecting it, admit it).

This is going to be Cryptic's best lockbox yet for sales. It gives the middle finger to the PvP community, whilst all at the same time FORCING us to buy it in bulk. We will be the people hating it the most, and scooping it up all at the same time.

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