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01-23-2013, 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by speedydust View Post

I got to Tier V in both Romulan and Omega personal reputation.

How do i cancel current selected research? If i cant cancel there is no point in playing this game anymore, not going to pay 34000 refined dilithium for something i dont need atm.

Is there adaptive omega ground MK XII equipment? I only see Maco.
You *did* queue the project requiring 34000 refined dilithium. Fortunately you have two active project slots for reputation system. Unless you queued it on both, in which case you are, for the time being, in an unfortunately difficult position:

1) Pay up the 34k dilithium.
2) Wait until they give you the ability to cancel projects (could be relatively soon, or not, I don't know).

If you think there "is no point in playing this game anymore" that is entirely your decision.

Btw, there is no "Adapted Omega" only Omega, MACO, and Adapted MACO.
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