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01-23-2013, 08:04 AM
Having owned and used extensively the Regent and Vesta (three pack) inevitably when built properly and with a proper RESPEC on your toon you can can do wonders!

I just recently picked up the Fleet Excelsior and have to admit I am loving it - despite it not being my fav looking ship. Apparently its said that it has the best turn rate and I can believe it as I have all single disruptor cannons mounted on the front, and with its 180 arc I have no problems keeping fire on any enemy, be it normal STF's or Elite's!

On the rear I have two turrets with the Omega Torp (used for bonus more than effectiveness)and Cutting beam. The latter, when equipped with the borg three piece set (disabled visuals of course) also packs a punch once your through the shields of an enemy. This set also boost my hull to over 58, 0000! Consoles include hull plating (all energy and kinetic - forget the name now though, its in the Hilbert guide) and the lobi store Tach console for Engineering; The universal console and ZPM for Science; and the appropriate disurptor boosters (damage) for the tac consoles (4 in total).

For a video on making a turret OR beam boat click here.

Inevitably, its a game. Choose the ship you like most (T5 level) and just go with it.
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