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01-23-2013, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
From my perspective, the state of the props stems from a few problems during the launch of the Foundry:

Although we had a very nice guy named Mapolis (and others) who added all kinds of really interesting props and effects, there was never much of an attempt to put in things that fit together or to provide a comprehensive set of essential props. Part of this was that the devs just didn't know how we would build. The platforms and primitives were a quick afterthought based on some player feedback. They never intended us to basically throw away many of the maps they gave us and just build in the sky.

At the time of launch, there were also no triggers, so there was little planning as to how we would need to use props in conjunction with triggers. So, almost no "pick-ups" like medkits, etc., because (at the time) there was no way to pick up and "carry" items. Then, when triggers came, there was little to no effort to add in props to use with triggers, like a brig and a brig door that fit together. I think most of the non-programming stuff had shifted to NW (because there were already so many, many delays with STO Foundry launch, like 4 months late).

There was also no kind of checklist of needed locations like:

Props for Engineering, like a warp core.
Props for Sickbay, including sickbay map.
Transporter pad for..
etc. etc.

Now as soon as the Foundry team moved, the nice guy and others who did this stuff moved with them. By looking at some of the things from NW, it looks like they planned ahead based on watching us build. So, that game has more foresight, especially with stuff like an interior builder.

It seems like nobody on the STO team knew how to do any of this stuff, after they were gone.

State of STO's Foundry: We have a random collection of props, most of which don't fit together. There are obvious things missing, so we build our transporter pads out of klingon barrels, and other sets, like sickbays, have to be built from scratch.

Now, does the STO team have the ability to fix a lot of this? Yes, but no. Yes, they have someone who could probably crank out a carpeted floor primitive in no time. Does that person have that assignment? No.

Every team is assigned to do things unrelated to Foundry props, although they are encouraged to maybe add something every once in awhile (when they have nothing else to do after bug fixes).

This means that, unless priorities change from Dstahl, nobody will have the job of fixing the library, updating it, or making it rational. The art team will make stuff for whatever the next thing is, not revisit the old thing and add stuff.

So, we pretty much have what we have, and I'll be surprised if that changes, beyond a few more random glass panels being thrown in, or a few stealth additions. Usually, it has nothing to do with what we're requesting. It's more like if a dev is making something and has extra free time, maybe that thing will get added.

From the dev blog, it seems like, just to add a new npc group of Mugatos, our Foundry producer had to learn how and do it herself by unconventional means.

That's where we are.
In my opinion a proper transporter pad is almost the #1 needed asset.
Play more STO Foundry! (You can thank me later.)