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01-23-2013, 08:30 AM
Now Level 50...

I just picked up an Ultra Rare Bat'leth Mk XI from the Exchange for a mere 25K EC chump change I got, just from selling off some looted junk to a vendor, looted junk I just collected from a repeated Mission from the Federation Story Line for Klingons...

25,000 EC... and I have a new Bat'leth that puts my Kri'stak Blade to utter shame...

If I were one of the Klingon "blade masters" described in the C-Store description for this Kri'stak Blade, being one of its forgers and makers, then I would have long since committed suicide out of complete and utter disgrace for my total lack and failure to produce a blade worthy of any honorable Klingon Warrior out there!

I still want my $5 back from PWE for this disgrace of a Kri'stak Blade... either that or at the very least an apology admitting how dishonorable they were, selling such crap to us Klingons!

If not even that, then at least I have the consolation of knowing that this thread now appears at the top of the page for a Google search of the term "Kri'stak Blade" ... so hopefully it will warn other prospective "buyers" away from wasting their money on this Melee Weapons Pack... at least until PWE puts something into it that is actually WORTH BUYING!

Truth be told, the Kri'stak Blade looks like it would only be useful for someone in the 1 - 20 level range. The only problem with that being that Klingon players don't go through that level range anymore! So don't waste your hard earned money on buying this Weapons Pack off the C-Store young Klingon Warriors! It would be a dishonor to your name and family, so instead save your Energy Credits and buy a cheap Bat'leth off the Exchange, that is ten times better!

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