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01-23-2013, 08:50 AM
More spam means that it's even harder to select targets that you actually want to, other than that, I'm not overly concerned about the Jem ships which themselves will likely not be anymore onerous than the carrier/carrier hybrids we already have.

My WTF bullseyes are as follows:

A console that provides localized bonuses to self and allies in the form of weaker Attack Pattern: Omega by boosting allies with Damage, Maneuverability, Flight Speed, Movement Debuff Immunity, and Perception Reduction Immunity; to which when its sister console is added, all allies also gain enhanced Accuracy and Defense scores, slotable on the best escort in the game.

The sister to the console above which marks a target with reduced Damage Resistance, reduced Defense Score, and a subsystem that can be disabled by simply dealing lots of damage to it, also slotable on the best escort in the game, one which happens to have 5 tactical consoles putting it in a 3-way tie for the highest DPS ship in the game.

New hybrid weapons which combine probably the strongest console-boosted debuff proc in the game (Polaron's energy level debuff) with the single best one-off weapon proc in the game (Phaser's subsystem Disable).


On the topic of Jem Attack Ship hangar pets having Sub-nuc, it's highly unlikely they will as sometime back they removed that ability in PvE from the bugships, leaving it on the Heavy Escorts and Dreadnoughts.