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01-23-2013, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
Unless you have proof to the contrary and a statement from CBS saying they have nothing to do with this then I would agree.

Also the breen ship was not given out for free like oh here everyone a ship, you had to go through hoops to get the ship, and being this is a MMO you have people who glady ran those hoops.

Cryptic stated that CBS want the non faction ships to be rare as they do not want them to out number federation ships. That went out the window when you could get the Breen ship quite easily, and in turn, they quite regularly out number the ships seen ingame at a given time.

I have no problem with the hoops you had to go through in getting said Breen ship, that is part of the MMO experience. I myself have one.
The problem is selling the ships for $150+ when they could be earned ingame in a similar way.
If they must earn money from them, then put them in the cstore along with the other ships, but make them per character only.

The ship has sailed on the non faction ships having to be rare, and therefore lockboxes need not exist.....