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01-23-2013, 09:14 AM
Not so much.

Maybe if you were saying "Here's some new ships with battlecloak I'd like to see."

Go tool around in the heavy destroyer for a bit. See they made one already for you!

Battle Cloak, all uni boffs, little bitty hull, all make for a BoP. The other stuff really doesn't. Although I'd really like an all universal console slots bop, and just add in a five per type console limit on consoles. So if i want 5 engi consoles on my 9 console BoP I could have it. Just saying. I really like high shield power on my BoPs.

BoP's. Stick and move. Not ships that slug it out. My gut feeling is to think that you'll say that's just a matter of opinion. Oh well. If it walks like a duck.....

you have a lovely day now.

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