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Originally Posted by capnmanx View Post
Agreed. I've said before, 'there is no point introducing something if you aren't going to spare a thought for why people wanted it in the first place'.

M'Ress is the only Caitian who was ever developed well enough to really qualify as a character; and thus, is what most people had in mind when they asked for Caitians. Not being able to get anything even approaching her look is pretty disappointing.
Well said.

The person who put the Caitians together mentioned that hair styles were going to be a little tougher to make than the Caits themselves, requiring a bit of extra time to get done (I think the stated time was "several more months"). Well I'm certainly not one to hold anyones feet to the fire for timeframes in an MMO - development cycles change, priorities change, staff change, etc. but still, it's been almost two YEARS of (mostly) patient waiting for this one defining, iconic, hairstyle to get done.
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