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01-23-2013, 11:03 AM
Captain's Log, Stardate 98765.54.

My...counterpart in the Mirror Universe has contacted me. He wishes to speak with me in private, but remembering our previous encounters, I have the feeling that he wants to kill me.

Starfleet Vice Admiral George Aubrey was examining his recent custom modifications to his ship's weapons and engine systems when he was summoned to the bridge by his communications officer, a Reman soldier by the name of T'kek.

"What is it, soldier?"

"Multiple ships decloaking off the port bow, captain. They have Terran markings, should we go to--"


"Really, Admiral? Is that the best way to greet an old friend? I admit, attempting to kill you and THEN stealing your ship isn't the best way I could have started things off, but seriously, I am here to..ask for", the leader of the Terran battlegroup said. Being of the Mirror Universe, he was extremely similar to Admiral Aubrey, with the exception of far more scars and a goatee.

"Captain, how..great to see you again. I see you have acquired a new ship, not dissimilar to the Harbinger", said the Prime Universe Aubrey.

"I do have permission to beam aboard, Admiral. I already cleared it with your superiors, and they told me I can bring my soldiers over."

"Wha-- nobody brings SOLDIERS on to MY ship without prior clearance from me, captain. I am quite sure you are well aware of that, yes? Close channel. Isko'Ralan, bring your security team to the transporter room, ASAP."

"Aye, sir."

Meanwhile on the engineering deck, Terran commandos had already devastated the internal defence systems and breached main engineering.

"Andorian scum. You DO realise that it's hopeless? Your captain doesn't even know about this boarding party, which means goodnight for you...PERMANENTLY! HA-HA!

The chief engineer, an Andorian by the name of Tharyn Alzelaph, had been captured along with the entire engineering crew. He didn't seem afraid, and - to his credit - defiantly stared at the commandos as they barricaded themselves in. Unfortunately for the Terrans, the Jem'Hadar security chief - and his team - were already inside, hidden by their Dominion Shroud Generators...

soon to be followed up