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01-23-2013, 10:07 AM
zidanetribal, that's a great entry - slightly derivative of a certain other encounter with a late-20th probe, but hey, Trek reuses plots all the time. (Heck, much of TMP was just a remake of TOS "The Changeling" with a feature film budget.) I didn't manage to figure the twist out for myself before the reveal, but I really enjoyed going back afterward and reading the reactions of the various characters with context.

gulberat: I figured that was Klaang, the glory-hungry young Klingon captain from that-movie-we-don't-talk-about-that-would-otherwise-be-#5. Looks like he didn't destroy P10 after all... And while it's a bit slapstick, I assumed that yes, the admiral was idly shooting at his wall trophy, just 'cause. It helps to set up his later Kirk-style behavior.

With regards to your own story - as Vulcans are fond of saying, "Fascinating." A novel character who draws on a fine tradition of unique foundlings (including Data himself, until other Soong androids started popping up). And I like the detail that to Devidians, he would fall into what we call the uncanny valley...
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