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the box is not that bad guys. Relax.
I.K.S. Phas'lolaroN
Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Battle Carrier
Hull: 38,500
Shield Modifier: 1.3
Crew: 2000
Turn Rate: 9

(Rom) TT1, BFAW2, APO1
(Rom) TT1, THY2

EPtS1, AtS1
(Uni Slot) EPtS1

(Hum) PH1, HE2, SS2, VM3

DOFFs: BIO(SS), SE(VM-Add), SE(VM-Spread), DCE(AtS), SDO(BFI)

Deflector/Engine/Shield: Jem'Hadar Mk XII

Fore: 3x Dominion Phaser Polaron Mk XII [Acc] [CrtH], Omega Torpedo
Aft: 2x Dominion Phaser Polaron Mk XII [Acc] [CrtH], Cutting Beam

Tac: 3x Phase Modulator Mk XII, Leech
Eng: Borg, Tachyo, Neut Mk XII
Sci: Aceton, DCP, DCI

Devices: RMC, Scorpions, Eng Battery

Hangar #1: Advanced Siphon Drones
Hangar #2: Advanced Siphon Drones

Captain Passives
Romulan: +3% Crit, ShieldHealOnBeingCritProc
Omega: +30 Weapon Skill, ShieldRegen

+15 Weapon Power

"We're already dead - we go into battle to LOL!"
- anonymous Jem'Hadar

edit: I'll have to edit this since the actual stats are out...
Vice Admiral Geist, Klingon Science Officer
V.S.S. Oracle, D'Kyr-class Science Vessel

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