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01-23-2013, 12:31 PM
I don't believe the OP is entirely sincere with calls for a third faction. If anything, the first post(s) and thread title suggest to me a backhanded and/or passive-aggressive swipe at Cryptic and PWE for being so eager to sell us stuff(*) that they've diluted the IP to the point of being meaningless.

(* or rather, the possibility of getting stuff, which is so much more lucrative than just letting us buy it outright.)

Personally, with one notable exception out of five characters, I don't fly non-Starfleet or KDF ships. (The one being a Tuffli-class freighter, whose captain was specifically created for that ship/concept and to not be regular KDF.) I didn't even bother to pick up my free Chel Grett. I do think it's a bit silly to see so many people flying around in them, or in Wellses, as they did before in Recluses and Atroxes and so on. (And later this year, maybe, they'll be flying Mogais or D'Deridexes or Andorian cruisers.) But really, it's no sillier than half a dozen other immersion-breaking things I see daily on ESD or in sector space.

I've seen fads and flavors-of-the-month come and go before, in other games; seen the plaza of CoH's Atlas Park full of elves with bows, guys in trenchcoats, captains with shields, and so on. Once added to the available options, they never go away entirely, but after something else comes out their numbers dwindle until they're no more common than anything else. It's natural, it happens, and I try not to let it bother me.

(Especially since more options means there's a chance, however slight, that I might someday get my wish for a proper Gorn cruiser - not a science vessel - for the aforementioned "simple freighter captain.")
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