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01-23-2013, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
I think most torpedoes could stand to get a +10% to shield damage, and if their normal vs shield damage kills the shield the remaining potential damage should hit the hull.

Why is everyone ragging on photon torps? Their overload 3 gets a bigger damage bonus than quantums and they have higher dps.
Sadly mr Char Aznable, unless something has changed in past patches, Quantums got the biggest boost from HYT powers looking at percentage damage increase compared to other torpedos types. Also DPS means squat with torpedos, since they are primarily a spike damage weapons. You want the biggest boom in the shortest amount of time, which quantums do better than photons. Also with the Torp Doffs, someone with multiple Quantums will probably out DPS someone with multiple Photons
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