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01-23-2013, 11:59 AM
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Well, looks like I set something off here. It was a good read and educational, in the beginning anyway. I should explain with more detail what happened. I'm doing a lap round the Universe to get my DOFF's done. Enter Om. Len. and I get a msg. "I challenge you in the name of the Empire!" I chuckle. After buying time to complete my DOFF's I reply that I will fight this zealous Klingon. We do space pvp - cracked planatoid. First match, I decimate the player. Second match, I destroy it. Third match was never going to end due to epeen (I guess). Just as I would get him to explode... he engages the cloak and sets off healing and letting cooldowns recharge. We did this three frakking times. He can't get past my shields, OK? That's lacking honor. That's being lame and it's nothing more than that. While this problem cannot have happened to just me I still don't see any solution. I can't think of one, nor has anyone else I guess! I guess there is one solution - avoid battles that offer the 'breast of comfort' to suck on, AKA the Battle Cloak. Thank you for your attention.
Um, yeah, that's a bit different from your OP. Cloaking in duels is just dumb, as is bringing a hit and fade build. No CC on your part is too, but far less so.

There are solutions, and they have been presented. Do not let him cloak. Do not let him move. Kill him faster, while the cloak is on cd.

But yeah, Battlecloak in a duel is lamesauce. On occasions that I duel I usually ask if they'd like any gentleman's agreements up front, like no trics. You could always decline if they say they plan to use their battlecloak.

And for the record, your thread title v. your last post, a duel is not representative of FvK.