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Originally Posted by mirgond View Post
Only T5 ships from the Z-store (those that cost 2k or 2.5k zen) give a discount in the fleet from 4 to just 1 module. All ships below that give none. That's why there is no ship currently on KDF side with a discount in the fleet.
Not true. I have the option of buying the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit with 1 fleet ship module. The problem is the VA Ship Token. Preseason 5 there were a few ways to get the Vice Admiral Ship Token.
1) reach level 50
2) Buy the token with 250 emblems
3) postseason 5 600 day vet reward

You can read this node for further detail. Either way all character preseason 5 that hit va received one. If you hit 600 days and never had one previously you got one.

VA Ship Token ships do not qualify for the ship discount. You may have the prerequisite already but will not qualify because the ship must be obtained through the c-store for the discount.

the only reason why I qualify is because I purchased the ship about 2 years ago when I learned that I should not have obtained the exploration cruiser and I did not want to grind the emblems for the proper ship. In the end I didn't stay with that ship either. Unfortunately the old skill tree required you to spec into your ship. (Ah one of the parts of the good old days I do not miss)