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# 1 Hate it when you make an oops.
01-23-2013, 01:37 PM
So I've gotten back in to Star trek, bought the game when it was first released paid my dues and in the end just felt like the monthly cost was to much for what I was given, about a month ago...something told me to check in and see what has been happeneing. I have to say what a great Job that has become of much to do, the server is a gazilllion times better and just the whole package as a whole is great. What does sadden me is I spent 70 dollars on this game and really have nothing to show for it....anyway...I started a new character as I could not remember or locate my original login no matter how hard I tried. So far I've made it to 50, playing some of the missions but mostly doing the PVE. i dont normally have hours to sit and play and the mission seem to become quite lengthy on some accounts.

So...As for the oops. I decided that I enjoyed the game enough to spend a little money and purchase a new ship. I'm not sure how you can even get another ship other than that??? So I've been playing with the assault cruiser as a tac. I've had a huge amount of fun with this but though you know I'm a tac and maybe a the escourt would really help me shine more. HATE IT. I ended up trying the escort carrier.....god I hate that style of game play...i'm not saying its bad cause it is definatley more dammage and such...but its not my style at all. I REALLY miss my cruiser, my slow moving school BUS. Anyway it seems i'm straight out of luck with this.... the assault refit or Oddesy would have been a much better fit for my style...which is more of hanging back...pounding them with beams and throwing out stuff to my team mates. They should add some sort of way to try these ships out or at least let you recoupe some of the cash... :-/

Anyway sorry for my short story, this evening I plan to reload my regular assault cruiser since thats all I have left cruiser wise.