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01-23-2013, 01:12 PM
Here we go again....You know Cryptic I was 1 of the ppl that got excited when you all announced STO was going F2P... I was like hell yes finally more players which means faster ques and more stuff for me to kill... But here we are a year later and ques are still slow as hell and your once fun game to play has turned into whoever has enough money to keep up with all your C-store stuff and your lottery boxes are the ones that are benefitting expecially in PVP... Example ... A guy in my fleet spent 200 dollars in 1 day trying to get a bug ship which he finally got... But there is no ship in this game worth that kind of money to ppl like me that dont have money like that to throw around ... So in hindsite I wish the hell you would go back to making ppl pay the 15 monthly or buy a lifetime subsciption and make the ships in game stuff that we can all get our hands on them rather than catering to the people who obviously have tons of money to spend ... But I know you wont because your company is just like all other companies ... You dont care about fair play just how much money you can rake in .... Thats the problem with the whole world these days its nothing but a greedfest... anyways I am done ranting now
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