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01-23-2013, 01:16 PM
I don't really see what all the fuss is about.

The JH HEC has an interesting BOFF layout, but its more a battle cruiser in turn and hull than it is an escort. In which case a battle cruiser typically has 4 rear weapons.

So it lacks the weapons load of a battle cruiser and lacks the turn of an escort.

The BOFF layout at least will lend itself to some nice A2B usage.

The Dread, I don't know what people are salivating about, it has more Tac stations than a ship with a turn rate of 6 can realistically use.

It won't be a good healer, and it won't be a really good tank.

So it's a slow turning, poor maneuverability, tac ship with pets.

It doesn't have the 8 weapon slots of a true dreadnought, it doesn't have any of the sci/engineering of a carrier, it doesn't have the unique double Ltc carrier boff layout, and it lacks maneuverability to make using narrow arc weapons anything more than a chore in PvE and a joke in PvP.

We're not even sure if it can use Dual Cannons yet, it probably will, if I really want to use DC/DHCs I'll do it on a ship that won't induce thumb sprain to turn all the time.