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01-23-2013, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by tehjonel View Post
am i the only one that thinks the mirror universe patrol escort is the "best" ship in this lockbox? it's a patrol escort that can use the mvae console.
It's a fairly modest difference if you compare to the standard Advanced Escort. It loses one turnrate from the Patrol Escort.

I think the Mirror ships resist becoming boring as anything other than a hull texture at this point.

My preference there would be:

- Lower all MU ships Shield modifier by 0.1 and give them all +5 Weapon Power and +2 turnrate on top of whatever they already have. It's not really more powerful but it is enough to make them interesting. (The one MU game out there was an Excelsior on a rail shooter so the maneuverability argument is there.)

- Introduce some weapons/consoles that can be equipped on any MU ship but can only be used on MU ships for Lobi. I can see tons of thematic potential here. Imagine an Agony Booth console. Consumes 5% of your crew and 5 aux power per second for up to 20 seconds, increasing crit chance by 5% and severity by 10% (stacking up to 20 times). Clears only when your aux power is exhausted or you successfully kill a target. After which your ship's subsystems are all disabled for 5 seconds but you recover crew quickly.