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01-23-2013, 02:24 PM
Hmm...I like the look of this Vo'quv (well, I'll like it more when the lockbox addicts go broke and need to put up the carrier for more ec to feed their addiction^^) - Its got some real potential for a mix between shield and hull tanking that will give the ship an absurd level of survivability

I'm thinking (I pve mainly, hence why I have two hes..sodding borg - oh..its a torp boat too):

Tac - Tac team, apbeta 1 and apbeta 2
Eng - Engineering team, epte1 (just to fill the slot and to add an extra 'gtfo' option), epts2 x2, aux2sif 2 (its a quick heal thats good for keybinding to tac team with a hefty resist bonus too - dropping epts2 to 1 and adding an aux to dampner 1 is tempting with the turn rate...)
sci - hazard emmiter 1 and 2, tts3, grav well 3

Tac console - impulse burst (when you need to get there reverse (as its quicker than turning, I've its hilarious to fly past an escort going at full speed while in reverse ), assimilated borg console
Sci console - Graviton generator x2, Zero point
Eng - Sif generatorx2 , monotanium, Neutronium

Lots of healing, aux2sif2 ought to heal near 5k per use with a purple and blue xii sif gen and plenty of 'oomph' for shield tanking in tandem with hull tanking - as your pets do the damage, the carrier itself really just has to not pop