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Originally Posted by catstarsto View Post
If I added my website link to every post I would get accused of spamming, plus I dont want to do that. I would like to let people discover this on thier own as a pleasant surprise, I just hope no one is mislead by a couple of trolls.
Originally Posted by cdrgadley View Post
On the contrary...having your link in your sig would accomplish what you want.

People would discover this on their own as a "pleasant surprise" by coming across one of your replies that they agree with.

Making a thread dedicated to making people click on your link is not allowing people to discover it on their own.'ll notice that many people have pictures and/or links in their sig that get posted everytime they make a post. So no one will call you a troll for doing the same.
cdrgadley has it right.

I administer one forum (a LEGO fan site), moderate a number of others and am a member of dozens more, so I speak from experience.

Most people stick their homepage link in their sig line, and members WILL go out of their way to find out about them because it has been advertised in a respectful manner.

I don't know about STO mods, but ANYTIME somebody on one of those forums starts a "hey chek out ma syte!one!eleven" thread, or keep sneaking links into the body of their posts ("blah blah blah, BTW, chek out ma syte"), they get axed.

Classic example was on the AVR microcontroller forums, where people would go to get help programming microchips. One guy always responded to questions with the canned line "That's easy. The answer is on my site [LINK]," when it turned out that his site A) didn't really have a relevant answer B) actually required a subscription to access code examples. The AVR admins came down real hard on the guy, and he hasn't been anywhere on the interwebs since.

On the other hand, I put my LEGO fan site in my sig line, and got some pleasant PMs from the mods wanting to know more about my site.

Originally Posted by catstarsto View Post
Its unfortunate that I cant please everyone, but all of my other visitors havent complained yet. I monitor my website for responses and suggestions daily, and add new content every week.
Advertising your website in a *proper* manner is just as important as checking the website itself for feedback.

With regards to the background music issue, an example of a STO fan site that, like nearly all decent websites, DOESN'T use music is Defera Starfleet (I have nothing to do with them).

The fact that there is no music means I am more inclined to stay longer on the site. Even their talking head splash page* avatar is OFF by default, so that regular visitors have the option of skipping it quietly.

*Splash pages are bad, but that's another story

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots