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Hey, it's an MMO economy. Relax, and as a heads up - I am one of the players that spends $$ on zen to buy dil for my Starbase efforts.

Dealing with people who contribute within a fleet, is a fleet issue (albeit one where better admin tools for fleets would go a long way).

Season 7 did one thing - it essentially tripled the ways dilithium could be spent. Instead of just fleet expenses (projects and gear purchases) we now have fleet Starbase, fleet Embassy, and Reputation as dilithium sinks. Don't even get me started on new gear, consoles and weapons etc.

As a fleet admin, you could see the day reputation and embassies hit, projects stalled across the board. As an active player with 4 toons, I essentially stopped dilithium donations to projects within my own fleet. Saving up and buying all of the neat new gadgets came at a cost to everything else.

Of course, this is personal choice.

Since many of the 'overachievers' have reached T5 reps, dilithium has started to flow ever so slightly better. But the value of dilithium stays at a game history record. This is problematic for me, as I will NOT spend money on dilithium when the exchange rate stays so high.

I have bought dilithium before at 305, 240, 220, 190 and 150 exchange rates over the last 18 months. Even with the rare 'bonus' Zen events, I am no longer enticed to spend money on dilithium to help our fleet - or make my acquisition of cool stuff faster.

TAKE NOTE CRYPTIC - Dilithium is too expensive to justify buying Zen for this 'whale'

Suggestion: Sell Dilithium Asteroids

Sell limited availability Dilithium Asteroids (1x per year, per account) in the Z-Store. Dilithium Asteroids could come in 3 denominations of 1, 5 and 10 million dilithium for 2000, 9000, and 16000 zen. Dilithium conversion would be 500 to 625 per zen in this fashion.

It's priced so that it doesn't impact average F2P users; and the dilithium market would see a minor impact over time, lowering the value of dilithium. (Mathematically there would be no incentive to buy dilithium for resale use on the dilithium exchange).

It's limited availability would eliminate willful (albeit crazy) attempts to destabilize the market.

It's priced so that a paying player (<$200 per year), might buy 1 million 1x a year,

It's priced so small fleets could compete easier.

It's priced to benefit the whale (>$800 per year).

Just a thought

Admiral Thrax