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01-23-2013, 02:42 PM
From the looks of things, the Dreadnought seems to be a slightly more tanky version of the Escort Carrier.


I realise that the Jem'Hadar probably don't place much stock in Science ships, but perhaps the Dreadnought - as a more pure carrier than the escort carrier - should be closer to the Vo'Quv, Atrox or Recluse in terms of Boff and console layouts. Otherwise the Dreadnought is a slightly tougher, slower moving Escort/Carrier hybrid, meaning it's completely obselete in comparison to the Escort.

Anyone else feel that the Dreadnought should be more of a Cruiser/Carrier hybrid?

EDIT: In any case I still want one. Grinding that sweet, sweet EC to buy one from the Ex.