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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
The escort carrier has 7k more hull compared to my vesta and it also has a wing of pets and impressive tac abilities. Wtf? Is my vesta already outdated? This escort carrier is way too tanky for such an escort, even if the turnrate has to stay the same.

The dreadnought though... I fail to see the use of such a ship. No turnrate, a massive hull and cannons. Tac abilities are useless if you can't make use of your cannons, or if you can't use cannons at all. It's like a recluse with a Cmdr tac + DHCs, i've tried this and it's lame. The enemies of the dominion will laugh hard in pve and pvp when this ships is going to hit holodeck.

A real tactical carrier should have 25k hull, cannons, 2 hangars, 0.85 shield modifier and 12 turnrate, ie something extremely weak and also extremely dangerous. You made a fat whale with tac cmdr abilities for beams. LOL (and i hate saying this word, but it comes from my heart this time!).
I've seen this argument before! Or one darned eerily similar..

Where the Vo'Quv (and it's Mirror) is essentially a giant BC on steroids sacking 2 weapon slots for hangars the stats clearly illustrate (at least to me) that the Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier and the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier each sack a weapon slot for hangar and a Device slot for cannon-compatability. At least as i see it. A most Fascinating build to be sure. As is the Vesta, a Science Carrier that can equip cannons!

Something i never imagined to see yet i can't help but consider the possibility of getting it for one or more of my captains. So don't despair; its combination science powers, firepower and fighters isn't anything i'd want to go up against! And if they have Scorpion fighters in a device slot...

I envy you, Sir; and your Vesta.

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The Vesta isn't 'outdated' it's outclassed. The escort, is an escort, hence the name. The Vesta is a science vessel and as such will always have a lower hull then an escort. The better shield strength and regen rate make up for that.
Those Dominion Escorts are escorts in name only...
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