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01-23-2013, 03:27 PM
wonderful job here mostly, simply because these ship have no chance of rewriting pvp balance around themselves. these state are extreamly conservative, im shocked the heavy escort just has a 12 turn, but with its versatile station setup, strong hull and shields, and the hanger it is completely appropriate.

the mirror kdf carrier kinda stole the show imo, the LT being eng and just the commander sci is a great carrier setup, second only to the recluse.

the dreadnought carrier, well i just sorta feel sorry for it. with its movement stats, that station setup is down right horrible. it could never utilize that many tac stations effectively, and it would tank like crap with the rest of its stations.

the least you could do is give it the same station setup the escort has, that it could work with. besides the commander tactical, it needs no other tac stations, its to much of a liability to have around. seriously, no end game ship would be easier to blow up in pvp, be a bigger liability to have around, or be more ineffective with all the bulk. all that tactical, and none of that support capability in something that doesn't move like an escort is worthless. this is the biggest pve toy ever lol

for the sake of all the clueless that will pick this huge joke of a ship up, change the LT tac to a LT eng on the thing. that will go a long way toward keeping them alive in it, and it being semi usable in pvp

oh, and i also like the fighters. they arent a new fighter with some control ability, they are fighters that just deal damage, and with DEM they do it in a bit of a unique way
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