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01-23-2013, 03:51 PM
A Jem'Hadar warship design developed in the Gamma Quadrant after the end of the Dominion War
Please answer me the this question-
Why the Ketracel is the Dominion giving ships to captains of other states?
OK, I can see Starfleet and the KDF using captured enemy ships (especially with the precarious situation the known galaxy is in), and if a Starfleet captain saves the galaxy in a privately owned vessel, I think the Admiralty would "look the other way." But a post-Dominion War ship - from the Dominion? Last time I checked, the Dominion wasn't at war with either the Federation or the Klingon Empire in 2409. True, there is the whole 2800 fleet, but the main reason they fight is because they didn't believe the Dominion War was over. From said Episode and the (other) Cardassian Front mission, it seems that the current attitude of the Founders these days is "don't bother us, we won't bother you." And, from said missions, it seems the UFP (and the Klingon Empire, by implication) is just fine with respecting that attitude. So there is no reason why Starfleet and KDF captains would be getting new Dominion ships.

It makes me think, "Are you trying to kill immersion, Cryptic? Do you want to become the Battlefield 3 of Star Trek?"

Now, if you want to make a Dominion ship that was never seen or mentioned in DS9, you can still say it was captured in the DW. It was a huge conflict, just because we never saw a certain ship in the war on TV doesn't mean it never did. Just ask the crew of a Sovereign-class.