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01-23-2013, 05:08 PM
Originally Posted by omgrandalthor View Post
I just look at it like this any more; they add more op bs every season sooner or later everyone will have op bs and it will balance right?!
In the two pops before I said effit for the evening, I couldn't really say that there was any op bs taking place...

Okay, maybe in the FvK match - the combination of the placates and AMS was annoying. But it was less annoying than the two guys on the team "joking" about just hiding, the one guy complaining about the Klingons cloaking (when it was the brplem plac, not cloaking), and the guy that played long enough to die so he could AFK.

But that match was still better than the FvF - where it was basically the same as in the FvK match...except against a premade. It wasn't a cheese festival - just the average PSW, VM, SNB, ADR, pop stuff...where if more than three were actually at least even pressing the spacebar with our pinkytoes - but no, that's asking too much. Easier to charge in, die, and not respawn. Even had the 0/0 guy that never left the starting area. So I said effit and just did suicide runs in to get it over with.

...and that pissed me off. I don't mind dying. I don't mind losing. I suck. I fly flaky as Hell builds, play too many toons sporadically so I'm always goofing my keybnids and clicking the wrong things because mentally I had a picture of something else being there, and I spend too much time in PvE where you can hit your spacebar with your pinkytoe and be a hero.

...but just giving in, recognizing that the other folks on the "team" didn't care (maybe weren't even there), and just giving in - well, not trying pisses me off. I didn't try. There was no point in trying. Better just to get it over with and go back to the solo PvE or the PvE where it doesn't matter if everybody else is AFK.

...and that pissed me off.

It's not all the "op bs" in the game that ruins's the players. Hell, it's the players on both fronts. If one really wants to complain about the "op bs" - nobody's forcing the players to use it - so that's still the players. Blaming Cryptic's a cop out. Then the other players that are just afking or "efficiently dying" for Dil... that's the players as well.