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01-23-2013, 04:19 PM
Speaking as a long time friend of the quality players of Nova Core and having been a former member myself, I would like to address the fact that Trip, is making a very valid point here concerning the PvP element regarding how far out of control it has gotten due to developer oversight concerning mechanics. I have run a great many premades with a large variety of Nova Core members in the past running as either my healer or my escort. The premades I would be in, sure some of the things we had used, would be considered "cheesy". Some of the premade teams we would go up against would also be running things that other people would consider "cheesy". The problem as Trip so wonderfully stated it several times, concerns the actual design mechanics put in place by the development team. Now to be fair, the development team is incredibly small and Cryptic has attempted to "fix" the problem. But as they have mentioned before, they have inevitably "failed" to do so. That is primarily due to the very short sighted thoughts concerning the design mechanics of said console/doff/power layout you can utilize on a variety of ships. The bug ship has a very powerful layout that no other ship can actually replicate, not because of the console layout, but the stations that are universal. This can make for a very nasty combination. But just because it can be done by that ship while other ships can't. Does that make it OP? Some would say yes, while others would say no. Is the bug ship unstoppable? Hardly, there is a build out there to combat another build when used effectively. I have run in premades with my heal boat against fleets like TSI, Pandas, Clowns, Risa and many others. All of these fleets have very good players who know how to run solid builds.

With that said, it has taken some of those fleets, back when I ran with Nova Core all five members of their team with concentrated focused fire to down someone. Other times it wouldn't because they would change up their tactics. And if they would adapt and bring in another tactic we would have to adjust as well. Now, I cannot speak for what has transpired over the last half a year or so because I have been gone from the game. But I know Trip, he is a good player and he means what he says about changing the face and image that is perceived in Nova Core. I'm glad to see that he is doing so because I will admit that in when I was in NC there were bad apples who would present a negative picture in the PvP scene. Hell I'll admit, even I was guilty of it once in a while, but it wasn't because I took offense to being blown up, I let my personal life issues get in the way of gaming enjoyment and I took it out on others. With that being said, all this negativity that was being thrown back and forth by individuals, (you know who you are, all we have to do is scroll back and look) is what needs to stop. If people want to save PvP in any sense, people need to let go of the past and look forward. Don't berate the actions of a man trying to bring quality back to something that Cryptic has inevitably failed to do.

Cheers to you Trip, I'm glad to see you're back and involved again.