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01-23-2013, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I could tell you that anyone with a decent build and game playing abilities could beat that ship but this discussion has already turned out to be a pointless argument. I like carriers and i want them to be good in pve and pvp, you don't, everyone got it.
Maybe it is pointless, but it isn't for the reason you say it is:

Yes, I would like to see this ship retooled so it can succeed in PVP, so do you. The difference is the way we think is best to go about this change.

You want to suggest that Cryptic shave off shields and hull and give it a better turnrate. I want to suggest for Cryptic to retool the boff layout.

I don't like your suggestion because it wouldn't make sense: it's a massive effing ship, a Dreadnought larger than the Galaxy. A high turnrate wouldn't make sense for such a behemoth.

You don't like my suggestion because you believe it wouldn't do enough to make it viable for PVP.

So in the end, all we can agree on is that it needs to be changed and agree to disagree on how to go about it.

And for your first sentence: anyone can beat any ship if they have a decent build and gameplaying abilities.

Great debate by the way good sir. Nice to see such a civilized discussion didn't descend into name calling and trolling.

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