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01-23-2013, 04:29 PM
I'm not too sure about what the flaws themselves really are, but as soon as I started playing back in feb 2012 one thing that jumped out at me was that the ship meshes just seemed a bit crap. Not terrible, but hardly as good as they could be.
That said, I'm a wee bit spoiled in the mesh department having come from bridge commander myself (Captain_Obvious on BC-Central).
I must say though, quite a few of those guys on the above forum are players of STO. I haven't spoken to any of them, but I'm sure at least some of them would be willing to discuss the possibility of seeing their work in this game.
Not all the meshes produced by those guys are uber high poly and even the lower poly ones look rather better than many in STO. Heck, there are meshes we were using in BC back in 2004 that look better than some of the ones in STO

I've been thinking and saying this for a while, this game could use some better meshes. Note that I say "better" and not "higher poly". Many of the meshes in this game just look off for want of a better term. I hate to say it, but the new ambassador doesn't look right to me.

Also, an FYI for you guys who play BC. BCFILES isn't really used as much these days due to it's flakiness as of late. BC-CENTRAL is where it's happening now.


One thing that just occurred to me. The meshes for BC are all made using a *very* old version of max which afaik is the only version that can output meshes in the correct manner for BC. This may cause issues with conversion if it were ever to happen.
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