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01-23-2013, 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
Dangling shinny objects in front of people work in most mmo's. Cryttic provided the dangling object. you just need to point your fleet.

I think one problem with this still though is that each individual who contributes gets far far less than the individuals in the fleet that dont contribute. The individuals that dont contribute get all the shinys you talk about, but they also have all their dilithium.

If you made things cost millions of fleet credits, that could change things a lot. If you made dilithium contributions give 100s or 1000s of fleet credits, instead of the 1 to 1 ratio now, that would change things as well.

I dont think pumping people up about the possible rewards is enough though, because each person rationally will think that they should just not contribute that much, or contribute at all, and hope that others do, because they will get the same rewards whether or not they contribute, so long as others contribute.

Edit: Sorry about double post, i should have just edited my original post.

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