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So, I'm sitting here looking at the "top rated," browsing a list of what has essentially become:

Short, repeatable, and storyless missions, aimed to help players fill their buckets.

Now I take a look at Cryptic's old and new "content" via the FvE queue:

Short, repeatable, and storyless missions, aimed to help players fill their buckets.

Can we really complain about "rumbles" and "accolade hunts" and "farming," when those types of missions essentially match the dev content of the last two seasons? Is it any wonder that players downgrade our missions for making them read or think? They are here to blow stuff up, collect their tokens, and ask no questions. They are here to get quick rewards, not for reading or feeling immersed in the universe of Star Trek. They are playing Star Trek Online, where the goals are stuffz. Collect your stuffz to trade in for stuffz. That is the game.

Can we also complain about the quality of design, when "No Win Scenario" is now played far more often than "Everything Old is New"? Seems to me that it's the exact same case for a slapped together grinder trumping a mission that took 80 hours or longer to make.

If we're sad that these types of missions are dominating the listings, then we're sort of mourning for what the game used to be at launch, when players looked for story, played story, enjoyed story, and felt rewarded from story (as terrible as the stories were most of the time).

That is no longer the case in STO. Players get to max level before even leaving the Romulan front. No incentive really to keep going in story, unless they need a special item.

So, yeah, these grinders may be the future of the Foundry, because of what this game has become. It's not necessarily about exploits.

The players are meant to play the game this way in general. That is why the "top rated" is what it is.

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