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01-23-2013, 06:10 PM
Originally Posted by razhgal View Post
1125 zen = 10 lock box keys
7000 zen = 60 lock box keys roughly

with promotion sales and so with luck u get 70 keys.

wait a bit for dominion lock box.
1 lock box key = 1,5mil

70 lock box keys = 100+ mil ec

for that money u can get from the exchange a lockbox ship.
Temporal Destroyer, D'Kora, Jem Hadar Heavy escort carrier. u only need 65-80 mil for that, so basically u might save some zen, ec or dilithium for some special stuff just in case.

or get a vesta pack, or wait for the next pack.
andorian ships were announced, in addition to 2-3 other ships.

or you wait more and save up money, to get a jem hadar bug ship.
Thanks, but like I said before, I am not really looking for ships.

I plan on playing the 1000 Day Veteran ship to its fullest, so in relation to a ship, I am only interested in how to best prepair (earning and/or spending resources) to equip it.

Like how much Dilitium should I plan on having or any useful zen items, such as the fore-mentioned consoles.