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I have been using all CrtHx3 weapons for my BOP and Fleet defiant since s7 because of the new crit bonuses like Romulan passive, Romulan console, and romulan boffs. Also using it with the borg and tachyokinetic console, and have been pleased with the results. I like it much more then when I used Accx3 weapons or Fleet weapons, but lately have got in to several debates about why some people say CrtD would be better in both pve and pvp.

Just wondering what everyones opinion on this is. I figure since my BO3 is regularly critting for between 30-50k with CrtHx3 they will be dead or almost dead anyway if it crits, so I don't need anymore severity, I just need to ensure as much crits as possible so CrtH is better. Even with the opponent tractored it gurantees a hit, but not a crit so need to boost this to make sure it happens. It works great on my quantums and DHC to from what I have seen so far, and I think it would work better with the placate passive to even though I don't use this.

So does anyone think going all CrtD or combination or CrtD and CrtH would still be better or is going all CrtH better for a crit build?