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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Well I must be doing something majorly wrong with my fleet Excel as I cant hit that 5k mark.

Here is my build maybe you can tell me what I've done wrong
I don't think your build would be very good at dealing damage. Maybe its an Excelsior thing but why do you have so many armor consoles? And why aren't you using Aux2B x 2 with 3 Technician Boffs? And why isn't your weapon power set to 125 or close to it?

My build

Regent (assault Cruiser Refit): U.S.S. Space Whale

Front: 3 x BA Disruptors, 1 x Wide Angle Q-Torp
Aft: 2 x BA Disruptors, 1 x KCB, 1 x Q-Torp

Tac: 3 x Disruptor Induction Coils (mix of MK 11 and MK 12 green and blues)
Engi: 2 x RCS, Borg, 1 x Ablative Armor
Sci: 2 x Field Gens

Boff Stations:
CMDR engi: Aceton Beam 3, EPtS 3, Aux2B 1, EPtW 1
Lt engi: Aux2B 1, ET 1
Lt CMDR tac: APO 1, APB 1, FAW 1
Lt tac: TT 1
Lt sci: HE 1,TSS 2

Weapons: 123
Shields: 74
Engines: 57
Aux: 59

3 x Technicians (blue but ideally they will be purple eventually)
2 x Proyectile Weapon Officer (blue as well)

I prefer to not leave things to chance and have 9 ranks in threat control, so even if I have to disengage for any reason my target stays on me.

The idea behind this build is to get maximum uptime on all powers, in particular the EPtX and all tac power. The faster cycles on HE and TSS come out as better steady healing even with the loss of Aux power when you use Aux2B.

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