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01-23-2013, 07:54 PM
Well, finally in. That one took me a while to type up. Might make for an interesting foundry mission...Anyway, something I feel I should probably explain, The Athena, as I'm sure you can tell, was named after the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and battle. In contrast, Minerva, the name of the ship commanded by Bryan's mirror counterpart, was the Roman version of the same deity. I figured that would be fitting as the Federation is very similar to the Ancient Greeks, more concerned with discovery than war, whereas the Terran Empire is quite similar to the Roman Empire; heavily focused on conquest and battle, thus making for a fitting contrast between Bryan and his "twin."

Also, if I were to turn this into a movie, the following would be the soundtrack:

Meeting the Minerva: Atrocity; Sound of Silence (Watchmen soundtrack)
Discussing the plans: Christopher Lennertz; Stand Strong, Stand Together (Mass Effect 3 OST)
The Battle: (artist unknown); Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2 OST)
Ibalei's death?: Thomas Bergersen Undying Love (Legend)

And, tbh, I have NO clue who I'd cast for each of my characters
Vice Admiral Bryan Mitchel Valot
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