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Originally Posted by insanerandomnes View Post
The Armitage heavy escort carrier is supposed too be the next gen of escorts, not the Aquarius. As for our little failure, amp up the speed, make the lt.commander a uni, and then give it an inate mask energy signature. It's not a cloak then, much easier too detect, and it's not a full on BoP either. It'll be like a lighter, less stealthy, less firepower Defiant-R, advantages being uni Boff spots and it's faster.
The Armitage is a updates akira class. It's not the next gen escort. It is what the regent to the odyssey. The akira/sovereign are both great ships and viable for everything, but needed a update to keep up with upcoming ships like the ody/vesta (and what should be the aquarius).

Now I am in Korea right now and do not have access to the game but stowiki and sto refer to the armitage as "other class" I am not sure though 100%. So please correct me if I am wrong.

Now if you are referring to Jaegers akira class that shoots 2 quadrillion torps in every direction and solo's the whole borh fleet and has a blackhole i.side that fits a infinite source of peregines (end sarcasm). Then maybe I would say that is the future of escorts, but his ideas.are overpowered and a verge of insanity. I guess thats why the show nerfed his idea to be more managable and fit the trek theme.

Besides isn't the prometheus the future as it was still expiremental while the akira and defiant were be mass-produced?

Once again sent on my phone. Please ignore errors.

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