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01-23-2013, 07:02 PM
I'm sure lots of roleplayers would like that. Here is how I think Cryptic could pull it off.

Cryptic could add a fourth deck option in the ship interiors (free or unlocked) that becomes available when you are in a group or raid (once 20 people OP groups). And the Officer's Quarter deck (fourth deck) is just a plan hallway that each door goes to an individual of that group / party. (I.E. it's instanced to personal quarters of each player).

That way each player customize their personal quarters and have it saved to their STO account than putting the burden on one single player's account?

Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
I'd think that they'd have to make all those MSDs for the bridge display anyway. Still, it's possible that they could do it as part of a staggered release schedule (Start with basic dialog box, MSD-style maps only in C-store interior costume sets.

Also, I presume you're referring to this, BTW?:
(Ctrl-F5 if hotlink warning appears)

That could work as an intermediate solution (LOL at Deck 6), although in any case, either the MSD or the route map would need to be animated to justify being included in the window (not much point putting in a static banner graphic by itself).
Yes, that's the one.