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01-23-2013, 07:12 PM
Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
So, I think we need to start tweet spamming every Cryptic @handle with images of the "hot list" all full of grinders and use the hashtag #IsThisWhatYouWanted
It is, in a way, what you guys wanted. Cryptic fixed the "clickers" but all it did was shift to another solution to Cryptics bad designs.

And Cryptic may fix "grinders" but that only means something else will be designed to alleviate the material pressures of all the grinds they keep introducing.

Perhaps all this is like Ferris Bueller's sister, who spent an entire day fuming about how much fun her brother was having and how unfair it was, that she forgot to have fun doing her own thing and not worrying about her popular brother.