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01-23-2013, 07:14 PM
The main difference between crtd and crth is one is magnitude of the crit the other is frequency.

What is better for your build is dependent on a few factors. There is passive traits, specing boffs and weapon types. If you go into system space you can see your stats in the ship status screen under attack. If you have a very high severity you may prefer crth to crit more often.

If you are using dhcs you may want critd instead to stack with the dhc crit bonus. crth is less of an issue since crf3 will make you fire more often anyway increasing your odds of crit due to volume of shots where a beam array has a 4 sec salvo so crth would be better.

One of the new rare Romulan tac Boffs in the embassy has a new space trait that boosts crth by 3.8%. on a tac ship with 3 tac boff slots that can be a 11.4% crth boost and on top of the usual accolade/trait/borg console/spec you can get your crth on your ship up to 20% meaning one in 5 shots is a crit regardless of weapon and then crtd is your friend.

Your stats in the ship status for crits is global and will be applied when fighting and is added to the bonus of the individual weapons. both are good to look into.