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01-23-2013, 07:50 PM
Originally Posted by blznfun View Post
Just remember, you have to hit your target first. What if that miss was your "final blow" that would have devastated the target? My advice is to download Advanced Combat Tracker and download an STO script (there are a couple out there just google them) and test the various loadouts. It will tell you a lot and give you some good insight into what to use for your specific play style.

If your going for the crits and you have the Accurate Trait, I would recommend ACCx2 and either tag from there.

Definates are always better than chances. However, on chances, you could win big if thats what you're going for...
For a high pressure damage build I agree, but opportunistic debuff/spike builds critH or critD are better imo.

There are so many repairs and resists in game now, imo, timing a Debuff like TB and Alpha will get high hits and at that point it's a matter of Weapon type if CritD or CritH is better. I'd say CritD is probably better for DCHs if you (or team) has a means of debuffing a target's defense and are smart about it.