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# 1 Zen purchases blocked
01-23-2013, 07:57 PM
I received an email today from Moneybookers stating that for security reasons my account was blocked until I send them a scanned copy of my drivers license or passport, and a copy of a current bill or bank statement with my address.
Of course I think only a moron would do that, so I called Moneybookers directly and asked what this was about. The woman I spoke with said that it was a "random security measure" that they use, and that a number of customers are selected at random for this type of "identity verification". I told her that was a crazy idea, and she said it was a way for them to build trust, and I needed to send the information within 21 days.
I'm a lifetime customer for STO and have been since beta. I've made zen purchases in the past and contribute financially to a game that I enjoy playing and want to support. I intended to buy zen and keys for the new lockbox coming out. I've never had a billing or payment issue. To have my account blocked is unacceptable to me and imo should be to cryptic/perfect world.
I won't be sending my personal information to Moneybookers, and unless I can get some help from cryptic my account will remain blocked and my purchasing days are over.