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01-23-2013, 08:02 PM
My entry is here.

I got the idea for this while reading a book on World War II (D-Day by Martin Gilbert - that's where the Churchill quote came from). Then I tried to make it as outrageous as possible.

Questions for readers:
  • Was alternating between the "log entry" and third person storytelling effective?
  • Did I make it too confusing? Obviously I wanted obscure but I might have gone too far.
  • What is an ideal length for an entry like this? I'm not the most verbose writer here, but my goal is to keep it short and simple. I think this is the longest one I have posted so far.
  • I am naming the runabouts after lesser-known scientists (Linus Pauling and Max von Laue so far). Does anyone have a good recommendation for the third and final runabout on the Odyssey? Everybody has a shuttlecraft named Einstein or Hawking so please don't go there.