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01-23-2013, 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Accx3 is extremely overrated. Yes it gives you overflow crth and crtd. NO it is no where near equal.
I never parsed it but it always seemed like this was true, there have been too many times when I gave my accx3 weapons a try again only to have to evasive away to exit combat and equip CrtHx3 weapons, The overflow really doesn't hlep crit nearly as much as CrtH does otherwise there would be no point in CrtH

Even if you manage to gets someone into negative defense. (which is pretty much impossible these days vs a non noob)... even then you would be lucky to get an extra 1-2% of crth... and perhaps 10-20% of crtd.... ACC is no replacement for the real thing.

Stick with your CRTHx3... they do far more dmg then CRTD... which imo is still a pretty much useless stat.

Mostly these days I run... [acc] [crth]x2... as when you DO crit your sevarity will be effected by Acc/Def ratings... you get a pretty good natural ACC with full spec and Acc captain trait... having the extra 20 from accx3... IS NOT worth the lose of 4% crit hit.

I haven't been using any acc mods, have acc trait max targeting and omega deflector, seems to hit enough.

basicly with one ACC mod and proper spec you will land hits so that won't be an issue... and the overage difference +20 will give you would in an absolute best scenario might be an extra .75% or so.

CRTD... last I tested it is pretty much junk... what it does is provid 10% stronger crits (overall)... as the 20% in provides is 20% of the CRITICAL dmg. Meaning if you where to land a perfect 1000... if it crit it would be 1500... if you have CRTDx3 it would be 1800... that is hardly worth the trade in crit... or acc.
it does seem like the DHC innate severity, the severity bonus from borg and tachykinetic console, and from max energy weapon specializiations make my DHC still crit pretty hard and a lot I think I will stick with this
Excellent post, best advise so far, I think you are right from what I have experienced, and you have tested it to back up my suspicions, thanks. Responses in red.