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01-23-2013, 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by fourxgamer View Post
Will somebody fix it so my KDF character doesn't have to stand on bank/exchange/lore consoles to use them. Foundry mission contacts require I do a timed jumping F.

It's been this way for months. I think it began with the glowing console introduction. Anybody working on this or do I need to save it for an AskCryptic?
I've noticed this also, the interaction area/radius for consoles on Klingon Academy have got much smaller and misaligned from the consoles. This is a problem for some of my characters (especially those short in stature) as they have to jump onto the consoles.

Not sure when it started happening exactly but fourxgamers' probably on the money in that it started with the change to the interaction marker effect.
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