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Originally Posted by paradise1killer View Post
I just returned after 6 months

I run a ship with no energy weapons and huge points in speed, no cloak. I sometime never die a night and when a person locks me down with a well timed alpha companion. I give props.

I have although a escape every 30 sec and put out more dps than a whole team can do a match avrg 800k + evry 15 min. I choose my fight and I choose to risk death, almost never am I a victim of there will, I oppose my will upon the battle field, and pug vs premade cry runner on me I laff. I just replay cant keep up l2p. I know the best and respect them, new f2p people need to get off there premade horse and kneel and open up for a big can of woop a##. Skill has taperd off year after year. Vet have more than just damage and heals.

I have a ship that no one will ever duplicate because they cant. I eat BoP for breakfest and blow them up cloaked. I also know my place, I know my build, I know my opponent off fist alpha and how to adjust. I know when situation arnt good for me and I take advantage of there week links. Just as the new players should relise to switch targets, because point click is not this game.

There is a conter to all, cloack = scan, cloak = Tbr, cloak = follow mine to target, cloak = listen for alpha ( yes you can); the best, like emojoe will 2km drop alpha = death if not prep.

Runner = (all power to engine) omega, engine battery, aux to internal dampeners, speed burst console, evasive.

Cloak is not a i win.

:stepping down from soap box:
What type of ship do you play?
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