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Originally Posted by theboilerman View Post
The deleted scenes on the DVD flesh out Nero's story, too. I really wish they hadn't been deleted, it was pretty cool to see what Nero was up to for 25 years. Simple miner my ass.
Deleted scenes don't count. Honestly, the simple fact they were deleted means they weren't needed to tell the story. I don't need to wait for the DVD in order for your movie to make sense. The deleted scenes added to extended edition of LOTR expanded the story. They weren't needed to make the movie make sense.

Originally Posted by betawatcher View Post
The mind meld scene in the movie explain that Nero wants revenge because Spock was too slow to save Romulus. It might not have been in as much detail as we would have liked, but it did explain that basic fact. So no, you dont actually need to read the comic to understand his motivation.
According to the mind meld, all that Spock says is he was captured by Nero for failing to stop the destruction of Romulus. It is never explained 1) why Nero even knew about Spock, 2) Why Nero would be anywhere near Spock, 3) why Nero blamed Spock to begin with.

When someone loses a house to a fire, they don't blame the firemen. Spock stopped the explosion. Was he too late to stop the destruction of Romulus, sure. But where the hell were the Romulans. According to the movie, sitting there with their thumbs up their ass waiting to be destroyed. And Nero is going to blame the enemy of the Romulans for failing to save them in time?

With no background information, we are essentially left with the impression that Nero is blaming a specific firefighter for the loss of his home to a fire yet are never told how they know each other. Nero becomes less of a threat and more of a babbling mental patient.

Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
The same way you don't need to research Space Seed to know why Khan is chasing Kirk.

Trek villains are explanation necessary.
But they did explain it in the movie. Kahn, in the movie says, "Kirk marooned me here." There's your motivation!

Look, we could go in circles on this subject. This reviewer pretty much nails my thoughts on the film and my problem with Nero.
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