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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I think this is untrue.

100% to 300% extra threat is fairly massive.

Any Cruiser dedicated to tanking is going to have at least some ranks in threat control, and this will be the leash that lets you yank NPC attention to you right away.

On top of this there are +threat consoles that you could slot if you really felt you weren't getting enough aggro (or can't slot APD).

If 6 to 9 ranks in threat control, +300% threat on use of APD, is not enough for any captain of any endgame ship - I think they'll need to make sure they are actually firing their weapons.
I know that.
I think you might have missed what I meant. And perhaps I didn't state it well.
I was meaning for cruiser captains when applying APD to OTHER players. Applying to yourself is great, extra threat, but applying it to other ships when you're the tank?? mmm

I suppose it would allow you to control team members threat levels better. Which'll be nice (new game mechanic!), but can be griefed with.

But being able to reduce others threat is a nicer way of being able to control it though, plus you can't grief with it. Just means the tank can't take the agrro off himself.
Thats why I was suggesting one that decreases threat when applied to others. Maybe when applied to others, decreases recipients threat and boost your own at same time?

APD is a great for cruisers, but they have a hard time getting the threat level up due to lacking dps.

Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Feel free to peruse the link in my sig for reasoning as to why APD is the best choice for a threat power.

Quick Summary:

> APB is already better than APD in nearly every way in PvE.
> APD grants resistance to the recipient as well as a debuff to the target(s) - and functions similar to Draw Fire on the ground without the actual Threat component.
> Stacks with APB and encourages different ship classes to carry different patterns for better synergy.
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