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01-24-2013, 12:50 AM
Originally Posted by kevaldt View Post
The problem here is the amount of beams going off at the same time, no ship can handle that much and its even a tooltip!

The most I would pack on one ship is 5, 2 up front with 2 torps and 3 on back with a torp or the cutting beam.
I believe using 6 single beams achieves the maximum of beam DPS in a broadside. And I like that, because I can thus equip more than one type of weapon, which enriches my game experience.

Now compare a standard 4 DHC's, 4 turrets on a battlecruiser or Chel Gret, ir 4 DHC's, 3 turrets on any escort. It will still do insane damage with 7-8 energy weapons.

That's what's broken, and has always been since I started playing a year ago.
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